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Batch #29 – ECHO’fest

Giles was not only a husband, farmer & brewer* — he was a strong, stubborn son of a bitch that was claimed to have beaten a boy to death in a violent rage. Suffice to say, he was a busy man and busy men have vices. After a trying day behind the plow (or beating his farm hand), Giles often enjoyed a jigger of lager. When it was available, he preferred traditional Märzenbier. Today we brewed a batch in his honor for our friends to enjoy when the summer ends and the leaves once again paint New England in a cornucopia of color.

Batch #29 brings together eight malts, three hops and a five heaping pounds of sweet potatoes to blend both the traditional and the colonial.

Two distinct yeasts were pitched: a strict bottom fermenting lager, and a hybrid that can ferment across a wide range of temperatures. Named “Cry Havoc”, this unique strain has much in common with old Mr. Corey: unsettling and uncompromising; unforgiving and unwilling to accept false truths. We like to think of each cell as a little Giles — billions upon billions, slowly yet surely, beating the life out of the sugar rich wort with defiance and unwavering resolve. Or maybe in just another violent fit.

* unverified; citation needed

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